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Sample Code

To make the best use of the software provided here — as libraries you can access through impCentral™, or sample code to paste into your own — you should have a basic familiarity with the Electric Imp Platform. We suggest working through our Getting Started Guide first. Sample code and other examples provided by Electric Imp now follows our formal Squirrel Style Guide.

imp API Cookbook

The imp API Cookbook provides a set of standard code recipes which will help you achieve key agent and device tasks in your own software. Each includes ready-to-use snippets of code that you can adapt or drop straight into your own application.

An Introduction To Squirrel Applications

A sequence of working examples which demonstrate features, functionality, concepts and techniques, and which range from simple to advanced applications. Intended to help developers quickly become masters of Electric Imp application development.

imp006 Breakout Kit

A set of examples which demonstrate the features functionality and expansion of the imp006 Breakout Kit.

Twilio Projects

Microsoft Azure Projects

  • Azure IoT Hub Examples — Learn how to use Electric Imp Libraries to connect imp-enabled hardware to Azure IoT Hub
  • Asset Tracking Demo — See your imp-enabled hardware feed telemetry and location data into Azure IoT Central
  • Stack Light Demo — an Use a Stack Light to display the temperature read from a Click PLC
  • Azure Twins — Work with Microsoft’s Azure Twins API

Other Projects

Third-party Projects

Basic Hardware Examples

These examples provide the beginner with guidance on performing basic hardware interaction with an imp.