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Device + Agent


Squirrel’s system library provides a set of useful general-purpose functions you can incorporate into your agent or device code.

Member Entities

The system object has the following member functions:

  • assert()Throws an exception if an expression evaluates to false
  • castf2i()Casts a float to an integer
  • casti2f()Casts an integer as a float
  • date()Returns the current date and time
  • getroottable()Provides a reference to the Squirrel root table of global variables
  • swap2()Swaps the byte order of a 16-bit integer
  • swap4()Swaps the byte order of a 32-bit integer
  • swapfloat()Swaps the byte order of a float
  • time()Returns the current date and time as elapsed seconds since midnight, 1 Jan 1970