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Development Hardware

What kits to begin working on Electric Imp applications with

The Electric Imp impExplorer™ Kit

Electric Imp’s impExplorer Kit comprises an imp001 card, our impExplorer breakout board and a mini-USB cable for power. It is intended for platform evaluation, but can also be used in the early prototyping of sensor-based and/or battery powered devices. It provides three environment sensors, a WS2812 RGB LED and four Grove System headers for expansion.

Note The imp001 is not intended for commercial designs.

The Electric Imp Developer Kit

Electric Imp’s original Developer Kit comprises an imp001 card and our ‘April’ breakout board, which exposes the imp’s GPIO, standard bus and power pins. The Developer Kit is ideal for early prototyping and for evaluating the Electric Imp platform, but the imp001 is not intended for commercial designs.


April board


Module-based Development Kits

For development work using specific imp modules, there are a number of module-based developer kits available. Full schematics and BoMs for module-based breakout boards offered by Electric Imp can be found here.

The imp005 Breakout


The imp004m Breakout


The imp003 Breakout


The Murata imp003 Evaluation Board

Available from the following supplier:

 • Digikey

Finally, you can also download complete open source connected-product packages from our Hardware Reference Designs section.