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Returns a constant indicating the reason why the imp was woken




Integer — a Wake-up Code


This method tells you what event caused the imp to wake up. The integer code it returns will be one of the following constants. You should note that not all of these constants are valid for a given type of imp.

Code Constant Value Description
WAKEREASON_POWER_ON 0 Powered on (cold boot)
WAKEREASON_TIMER 1 Woken after sleep time expired
WAKEREASON_SW_RESET 2 Restarted due to a software reset (eg. with imp.reset()) or an out-of-memory error occurred
WAKEREASON_PIN 3 Woken by wakeup pin going high
WAKEREASON_NEW_SQUIRREL 4 Restarted due to new Squirrel code being loaded
WAKEREASON_SQUIRREL_ERROR 5 Restarted due to a Squirrel run-time error
WAKEREASON_NEW_FIRMWARE 6 Restarted due to a firmware upgrade
WAKEREASON_SNOOZE 7 Woken from a snooze-and-retry event
WAKEREASON_HW_RESET 8 Restarted by RESET_L pin (imp003 and above only)
WAKEREASON_BLINKUP 9 Restarted following a reconfiguration by BlinkUp
WAKEREASON_SW_RESTART 10 Restarted by server.restart()
WAKEREASON_POWER_RESTORED 11 VBAT powered during a cold start

The values assigned to the constants may change in a future impOS release.

Module-specific Information


Power cellular radio brownouts at start-up are currently reported as reason 11.

Example Code

A simple function which uses hardware.wakereason() to display the reason why an imp restarted.