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gnss-session.configure(settingName, settingValue)

Configure the GNSS sub-system for NMEA output


Only available on imps with cellular modems


Name Type Description
settingName String The GNSS NMEA setting’s name
settingValue String or integer The GNSS NMEA setting’s value


Table — see below


This method is used to set or to query the configuration of the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) output of a cellular modem’s GNSS sub-system. If you pass the name of a setting and a corresponding value, the value will be applied, provided it is valid. If you pass only a setting name, not an accompanying value, the method will return the current value of that key.

Note Please see your cellular modem’s documentation for possible values of settingName and of settingValue.

Values are returned as a table with at least two keys: config and status. The value of config is a table of zero or more key-value pairs representing the requested settings and their values. The value of status will be zero if no error occurred, or an error code (see gnss-session for details).