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Delete a Quectel cellular modem’s gpsOneXTRA assistance data and/or reboot the GNSS sub-system


Only available on imps with cellular modems


Name Type Description
resetMode Integer What delete and/or reboot action the modem should take


Table — See below


This method can be used to delete any gpsOneXTRA location assistance data currently loaded into a Quectel cellular modem’s GNSS sub-system. The outcome of the call depends on the integer passed into the resetMode parameter:

Mode Description
0 Delete all assistance data except gpsOneXTRA data. Enforce a cold start after starting GNSS
1 Do not delete any data. Perform hot start if the conditions are permitted after starting GNSS
2 Delete some related data. Perform warm start if the conditions are permitted after starting GNSS
3 Delete the gpsOneXTRA assistance data injected into GNSS engine

You must disable GNSS before calling this method — use gnss-session.disable() — otherwise the modem will return a CME error.

If you are using mode 3 then this deletes the assist data, which effectively disables assist. All other modes retain assist data but discard the GNSS sub-system’s working state.

The method returns a table which will contain the key status. The value of status will be zero if no error occurred, or an error code (see gnss-session for details).