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Delete BG96 gpsOneXTRA assistance data and/or reboot the GNSS sub-system


Device (from impOS™ 44)
Only available on imps with cellular modems


Name Type Description
resetMode Integer What delete and/or reboot action the modem should take


Table — See below


This documentation covers a feature not yet available in a production version of impOS and has been provided for early testers only. It is preliminary and subject to change

This method can be used to delete any gpsOneXTRA location assistance data currently loaded into the BG96’s GNSS sub-system. The outcome of the call depends on the integer passed into the resetMode parameter:

Mode Description
0 Delete all assistance data except gpsOneXTRA data. Enforce a cold start after starting GNSS
1 Do not delete any data. Perform hot start if the conditions are permitted after starting GNSS
2 Delete some related data. Perform warm start if the conditions are permitted after starting GNSS
3 Delete the gpsOneXTRA assistance data injected into GNSS engine

You must disable GNSS before calling this method — use gnss-session.disable() — otherwise the modem will return a CME error.

If you are using mode 3 then this deletes the assist data, which effectively disables assist. All other modes retain assist data but discard the GNSS sub-system’s working state.

The method returns a table which will contain the key status. The value of status will be zero if no error occurred, or an error code (see gnss-session for details).