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Resets the imp004m’s DFSDM facility


Only available on the imp004m (impOS 38+) and imp006 (impOS 42+)




This methods immediately halts any sampling in progress and frees all sample buffers being used. The buffer-processing callback will not be executed, so any data in the current buffer will be lost — a such we recommend that you use dfsdm.stop() to halt sampling and to send the current buffer to the buffer-processing handler, and then call dfsdm.reset().

After a reset, the dfsdm object must be reconfigured using dfsdm.configure() before it is started again.

Note If you intend to make use of the imp004m’s spiAHSR bus, you must de-configure dfsdm using dfsdm.reset() before you can configure the SPI bus with spiAHSR.configure().