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The hardware object’s gnss property is available in impOS™ 43 and up, and only on the imp006 module. To learn which cellular modems are supported by the imp006, please see Design Hardware With The imp006.

On compatible imps, the Squirrel virtual machine instantiates gnss automatically. It has a single method, open(), which is used to open a connection to the cellular modem’s GNSS sub-system and, if necessary, ready it for use. It returns a gnss-session object which is then used for all further interactions with the GNSS sub-system — to retrieve a location reading, for example.

Note GNSS functionality requires the presence of a SIM. There need not be a cellular connection in place, and the SIM need not be active, but a SIM must be installed, either in card or chip form-factor.

Member Entities

The gnss object has the following member method:

  • to open a session to the modem’s GNSS sub-system