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Wiznet W5500 DHCP

Latest Version: 2.0.0

This library class enables Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) functionality for the Wiznet W5500 chip W5500. It also requires the Wiznet W5500 driver.

You can view the library’s source code on GitHub. Click here to see information on other versions of this library.

To add this code to your project, add #require "W5500.DHCP.device.lib.nut:2.0.0" after #require "W5500.device.lib.nut:2.1.0" at the top of your device code

Class W5500.DHCP

Constructor: W5500.DHCP(wiz)

Instantiates a new W5500.DHCP object and passes in the main Wiznet driver.


// Setup for an imp005
// Initialize the SPI port
interruptPin <- hardware.pinXC;
resetPin     <- hardware.pinXA;
spiSpeed     <- 1000;
spi          <- hardware.spi0;
spi.configure(CLOCK_IDLE_LOW | MSB_FIRST | USE_CS_L, spiSpeed);

// Initialise Wiznet and DHCP
wiz  <- W5500(interruptPin, spi, null, resetPin);
dhcp <- W5500.DHCP(wiz);

Class Methods


This method sets the function to be called when an IP address is leased. The callback function, which is not optional, has an error parameter which informs the user of timeouts and errors, or will be null.

Error Messages

Error Message Description
Offer Timeout Discovery message sent with no response
Ack Timeout Request message sent with no response
Renewal Timeout Max Renewal attempts reached before a restart
Renewal Failed Lease renewal failed
Request Declined Requested IP not able to be leased
IP in use Offered IP is currently in use
All connections in use All Wiznet sockets are in use


dhcp.onLease(function(error) {
  if (error) return server.error(error);
  server.log("DHCP lease obtained");


This method renews the lease or requests a new lease. When this is complete, the onLease() callback will be executed.


dhcp.onLease(function(error) {
  // Run this code when IP address is obtained
  if (error) return server.error(error);
  server.log("DHCP lease obtained");



This method returns the leased IP address as an array of four integers.


local ip = dhcp.getIP();
server.log(format("IP address = %d.%d.%d.%d", ip[0], ip[1], ip[2], ip[3]));


This method returns the subnet mask as an array of four integers.


local subnet_mask = dhcp.getSubnetMask();
server.log(format("Subnet mask = %d.%d.%d.%d", subnet_mask[0], subnet_mask[1], subnet_mask[2], subnet_mask[3]));


This method returns the gateway address as an array of four integers.


local router = dhcp.getRouterAddress();
server.log(format("Router IP address = %d.%d.%d.%d", router[0], router[1], router[2], router[3]));


This method returns the lease duration, in seconds, as an integer.

Example Code:

local leaseTime = dhcp.getLeaseTime();
server.log("IP address lease time: " + leaseTime);


This method returns an array of DNS entries, each of which is an an array of four integers.


local dns = dhcp.getDNS();
foreach (index, server in dns) {
  server.log(format("DNS #%d address = %d.%d.%d.%d", (index + 1), server[0], server[1], server[2], server[3]));

Release History

The Electric Imp Dev Center documents the latest version of the library. For past versions, please see the Electric Imp public GitHub repos listed below.

Version Source Code Notes
1.0.0 GitHub Initial release
2.0.0 GitHub Version update to match WS5500 library


The Wiznet W5500 DHCP library is available under the MIT License.