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Get the status of a Quectel cellular modem’s gpsOneXTRA assistance data


Only available on imps with cellular modems


Table — See below


This method is used to get information about the status of any data provided to a Quectel cellular modem’s gpsOneXTRA assistance function, which simplifies the application of GNSS assistance data.

The method returns a table containing three keys: xtradatadurtime, injecteddatatime and status.

The value of status will be zero if no error occurred, or an error code (see gnss-session for details). If status is not zero, the keys xtradatadurtime and injecteddatatime will not be included in the table.

The value of xtradatadurtime is an integer indicating the remaining time in minutes for which the current assistance data will be valid. A value of zero indicates that the data is out of date, or that no assistance data has been uploaded.

The value of injecteddatatime is the date and time when the data, if present, became valid. This information is provided as a string in the format YYYY/MM/DD,hh:mm:ss, eg. 2016/01/03,15:34:50.

Known Issues


The value of xtradatadurtime presented is retrieved from a modem without modification. We have found that the BG96 always returns the value 10080 if there is valid assist data, irrespective of the date and time at which the data was uploaded.