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Reference Designs

Free-to-use Complete Product Prototypes

These public domain designs are provided ‘as is’, with no warranty expressed or implied. Each design generally consists of a schematic, Altium and Gerber files for PCB fabrication, and a Bill of Materials (BoM).

Designs which make use of the imp001 are not intended or recommended for commercial use, but are ideal for early prototyping and platform evaluation. Because the imp002 is no longer in production, reference designs based upon it have now been archived.

imp006-based Designs

imp005-based Designs

imp004m-based Designs

imp003-based Designs

imp001-based Designs

  • impExplorer™ Kit — A simplified imp001 development board with integrated sensors
  • April — A GPIO-centric imp001-based development board
  • Emma — 2.3-inch high eight-digit alphanumeric display
  • Flora — Water-level sensor
  • Hannah — Powerful development board for the hobbyist
  • Jane — 24VAC relay control unit (HVAC, irrigation)
  • Kaylee — RS485 translator (also quite capable of non-isolated DMX512)
  • Kelly — RS232 and CSAFE Translator
  • Quinn — Six-channel PWM driver
  • RGB LED Tail — WS2812 add-on for April
  • Env(ironment) Tail — environment sensor pack add-on for April

impC001-based Designs