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Get Started With The imp006 Breakout Kit

This guide will introduce you to the Electric Imp Platform, its key concepts, the impCentral™ development environment, and BlinkUp™, Electric Imp’s patented device activation and configuration technology.

The guide comprises three parts, but you can attempt it in one sitting — it can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Part One will show you how to set up a new Electric Imp developer account and add your imp006 Breakout Board to it.

In Part Two you will program your Board and then code its agent to provide it with Internet interactivity.

A final section, Part Three suggests options for projects to tackle once you’ve completed parts one and two.

You can perform the first stage, account creation, without development hardware, but you will need an imp006 Breakout Kit, which includes the Breakout Board, once you reach the second stage. The Kit is available from the Electric Imp Store.

Note We recently updated the imp006 Breakout Board, so some components on your board may be slightly different from those shown in this guide.

You will also need:

  • An Android or iOS phone or tablet.
  • Your computer.

Let’s go!

Looking for our earlier impExplorer Getting Started Guide? You can find it here. Other product-specific setup guides are listed here.