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Latest Version: 1.0.1

This library wraps Prowl’s API for sending push notifications for any other device running Prowl.

You can view the library’s source code on GitHub. Click here to see information on the available versions of this library.

To include this library in your project, add

#require "Prowl.class.nut:1.0.1"

to the top of your agent code.

Class Usage

Constructor: Prowl(apiKey, appName)

The class’ constructor takes two required parameters:

The class’ constructor takes two required parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
apiKey string N/A A Prowl API Key
appName string N/A The name of your Prowl Application


#require "Prowl.class.nut:1.0.1"

prowl <- Prowl("<YOUR_API_KEY>", "<YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME>");

Class Methods

push(event, description[, callback])

Parameter Type Default Description
event string N/A Subject for push message
description string N/A The push message
callback function N/A An optional callback function

The push() method sends a push notification to any other device running Prowl.

An optional callback can be included that will be invoked upon completion of the request. The callback requires three parameters:

  • error is a string describing the error (or null if no error occured).
  • response is the HTTP response table from the request.
  • data is the body of the response.
prowl.push("Alert!", "Temperature out of range (" + temp + "C), function(error, resp, data) {
    // If an error occured, handle it
    if (error) {

    // Otherwise, log success
    server.log("Sent Prowl push notification!");

Release History

The Electric Imp Dev Center documents the latest version of the library. For past versions, please see the Electric Imp public GitHub repos listed below.

Version Source Code Notes
1.0.0 GitHub Initial release
1.0.1 GitHub Minor code tweaks; no API changes


The Prowl library is licensed under the MIT License.