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Initiates an attempt to request WiFi credentials from a router using WPS




Name Type Description
pin String Optional WPS PIN as a string of eight base-10 digits




This method activates WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for the next connection attempt, including one which takes place after a cold boot. If the imp successfully contacts the target WiFi router and retrieves the wireless network’s credentials (SSID and password), WPS will be disabled and the PIN, if present, cleared — the network’s credentials are stored for future connections. If the attempt to retrieve the network access credentials fails (perhaps the router does have WPS enabled, or the provided PIN was incorrect), WPS will still be disabled and the PIN cleared.

Note Once the imp has been configured to make its next connection via WPS, the timeout applied via server.connect() (either as a method parameter or the default value) will be ignored, and the connection may take up to two minutes to complete (or fail).

You may pass in a WPS PIN as a string of eight base-10 digits, eg. "01234567". If a PIN is passed in, it will be stored in the imp’s Flash storage. If no PIN is supplied, the imp will attempt to connect to the target router without a PIN — for security reasons, this is the recommended approach.

The functionality provided by may be used by customers who pre-enroll their products to provide out-of-the-box automatic wireless access. The end-user simply pushes the WPS button on their router and then powers up the imp-enabled device, which will contact the router and retrieve the network credentials.

Module-specific Information

imp005 is not available on the imp005 and there are currently no plans to support it.


The impC001 does not currently implement