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Sets the size of the UART transmit FIFO




Name Type Description
newOutputFifoSize Integer The new size of the transmit FIFO in bytes




This method allows you to change the size of the output FIFO stack on the target UART serial bus. The default size is 80 bytes, but this can be changed to any size of 20 bytes or greater. The imp005 is an exception: its minimum FIFO size is 80 bytes.

There is no set maximum size, but in practice the FIFO’s size is limited by the amount of free memory available. A Squirrel error will be thrown if the requested size is bigger than the available memory.

The size of the transmit FIFO must be set before the UART is configured using uart.configure() otherwise a Squirrel error will be thrown. If the UART has been configured, it must be disabled with uart.disable() before its size is reset.