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Connected Factory Quick Start

The Fast Path To Connected Device Production

Bringing a connected device to production with a Connected Factory involves three key tasks:

  • Develop, test and promote your product’s application firmware.
  • Develop, test and promote your product’s factory firmware.
  • Implement your connected factory setup, and deploy production firmware to it.

The first two stages are closely bound: to fully test your factory firmware, you require promoted application firmware. impCentral™, Electric Imp’s online development and production management tool, includes a complete test environment that replicates the connected factory process. This allows you to fully test your factory firmware with both BlinkUp fixtures and Devices Under Test (DUTs) before manufacturing commences. In addition, the test process yields blessed devices which can be used to test device activation with the BlinkUp SDK-based configuration app that you will be providing to your end-users.

To begin factory testing, please see the first guide in the Connected Factory Quick Start series, ‘How To Test The Connected Factory Process’.

Once testing has been completed to your satisfaction, you are ready to go into production (this assumes you have a suitable production partner in place, or your own manufacturing site). Setting up a connected factory is straightforward: you create and configure two device groups: a Production Device Group to gather blessed Production Devices and provide them with application firmware, and a Factory Device Group to collect assembly line BlinkUp fixtures which are used to provide DUTs with factory firmware. Only promoted firmware can be deployed to these device groups. impCentral has tools to help you perform these tasks quickly and easily.

To set up your connected factory, please see the second guide in the Connected Factory Quick Start series, ‘How To Implement The Connected Factory Process’.

Both of these guides assume you have some experience of developing Electric Imp application firmware using impCentral, and that you have read our introductory guide ‘What Is A Connected Factory?’, which covers the process at a high level and introduces its terminology. If you have not read this short guide, we strongly recommend that you do so now. In addition, ‘Connected Factory Process in a Nutshell’ lists the process logic in seven brief steps.

For advanced users, or those with in-depth experience of the impCentral factory testing and production process, the Connected Factory Guide provides a complete reference to the production process.