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BlinkUp SDK Downloads

Electric Imp’s BlinkUp technology provides a convenient, quick and easy way to configure an imp-enabled device to access the Internet via a WiFi network. Supporting BlinkUp in your apps ensures your users can not only to operate your device using only their mobile phone or tablet, but also set up and connect the product out of the box within seconds.

The BlinkUp Software Development Kits (SDKs) provides equally handy and straightforward tools to help you integrate BlinkUp into iOS and Android apps. There are separate SDKs for each of these operating systems.

The Android and iOS BlinkUp SDKs may only be incorporated into mobile apps developed by or for Electric Imp customers. You will require a BlinkUp API Key to authorize every access your app makes to the Electric Imp impCloud™ via the SDK. Please contact us to discuss the advantages of becoming an Electric Imp customer.

The native BlinkUp SDKs are now available via GitHub repos which provide the downloadable files in a form that will allow you to add the SDK to your app project: as a git sub-module in the case of Android, as a Swift Package in the case of iOS. You can then pull in SDK changes manually at build time, or automatically through your build scripts.

Latest Versions

Release Notes

Android SDK

  • 6.4.5 July 2021
    • Under Android 11 on devices running a 90Hz or 120Hz display refresh rate, switch display to 60Hz during BlinkUp for greater stability.

Please see the documentation included with the SDK for earlier release notes.


  • 20.2.0 January 2024
    • Change: Tri-Level BlinkUp is now enabled by default for greater BlinkUp resilience. To revert back to the prior behaviour, set useTriLevel to false.
    • Bugfix: BlinkUp does not crash when using UIScenes.
  • 20.1.1 August 2023
    • Electric Imp is now part of KORE Wireless.
    • Pre-BlinkUp countdown flash now has a light theme to reduce screen auto-brightness changes.
  • 20.1.0 May 2023
    • Support for TriLevel in iOS (using the property useTriLevel).
    • Improved reliability when running on iOS 15+.
    • IMPORTANT Minimum iOS support has changed to iOS 11+.

Please see the documentation included with the SDK for earlier release notes.