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BlinkUp SDK Downloads

Electric Imp’s BlinkUp technology provides a convenient, quick and easy way to configure an imp-enabled device to access the Internet via a WiFi network. Supporting BlinkUp in your apps ensures your users can not only to operate your device using only their mobile phone or tablet, but also set up and connect the product out of the box within seconds.

The BlinkUp Software Development Kits (SDKs) provides equally handy and straightforward tools to help you integrate BlinkUp into iOS and Android apps. There are separate SDKs for each of these operating systems.

Electric Imp also offers a BlinkUp implementation based on JavaScript with which to develop BlinkUp-compatible web apps. This is currently in Beta release and as such is not yet formally supported. It is provided solely for customer evaluation and testing.

The Android and iOS BlinkUp SDKs, and the JavaScript BlinkUp Library Beta, may only be incorporated into mobile apps developed by or for Electric Imp customers. You will require a BlinkUp API Key to authorize every access your app makes to the Electric Imp impCloud™ via the SDK or Library. Please contact to discuss the advantages of becoming an Electric Imp customer.

Latest Versions

 Android SDK: 6.3.1

 iOS SDK: 19.8.1

 JavaScript Library: 0.3.2 Beta

Known Issues

Android SDK 6.3.0


Note This workaround has been incorporated into Android BlinkUp SDK 6.3.1.

If you use Proguard and experience crashes ("Fatal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: value == null") when you run an app updated to 6.3.0, you may need to a new Proguard configuration. Add the following code to your file:

##### OkHttp
-dontwarn okhttp3.**
-dontwarn okio.**
-dontwarn javax.annotation.**
-dontwarn org.conscrypt.**
# A resource is loaded with a relative path so the package of this class must be preserved.
-keepnames class okhttp3.internal.publicsuffix.PublicSuffixDatabase

##### Retrofit
# Platform calls Class.forName on types which do not exist on Android to determine platform.
-dontnote retrofit2.Platform
# Platform used when running on Java 8 VMs. Will not be used at runtime.
-dontwarn retrofit2.Platform$Java8
# Retain generic type information for use by reflection by converters and adapters.
-keepattributes Signature
# Retain declared checked exceptions for use by a Proxy instance.
-keepattributes Exceptions

##### BlinkUp
-keep class com.electricimp.blinkup.retrofit.Token { *; }
-keep class com.electricimp.blinkup.retrofit.TokenStatus { *; }

This should allow subsequent builds to run correctly.


This release contains okHTTP 3.10.0. If you are also using okHTTP in your app, please update it to version 3.10.0 to avoid java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError and/or java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError issues.

iOS SDK 19.8.0

There is a known issue in which the SDK may crash on rare occasions with an array out of bounds error. This has been fixed in SDK 19.8.1.