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Queues a fresh buffer for consumption by the DAC


Not available on the imp005


Name Type Description
newBuffer Blob The buffer to queue




Providing the fixed-frequency DAC with a buffer of fresh data to process will raise an error if the fixed-frequency DAC has not been configured. It will also raise an error if this method will cause there to be more than eight unconsumed buffers in flight. At any one time, the total number of buffers in play is the number of buffers specified in fixedfrequencydac.configure() plus the number of buffers added using fixedfrequencydac.addbuffer() minus the number of running data-consumed callbacks which have been triggered and passed non-null buffers. This total can never exceed eight.

For safety, this function should only be called after (or during) the execution of the data-consumed callback that you have already registered using fixedfrequencydac.configure().

Example Code

Stream a sinusoidal wave from agent to an imp. In this example the original 16-bit signal is A-law compressed, and the resulting 8-bit data are sent to the imp.