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Restores the pin to its power-on state






This method can be used to restore a pin to its power-on state, ie. the state in which it consumes the least power. All pins on imps 003, 004m, 006 and C001 start out tri-stated and in a low-power mode. The imp005 applies different default pin states to different pins: please see the imp005 pin mux for details.

If the pin has been used as a GPIO — and there is no need to call pin.disable() on the pin if this is not the case — then calling pin.disable() will reset the pin; your code will need to call pin.configure() again to specify the pin’s behavior.

Note Calling pin.disable() has no effect on pins that are being used as peripheral connection lines, eg. UART, SPI or I²C. To return these pins to their default, low-power states, call the bus object’s disable() method.