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Archived imp002 Reference Designs

The imp002 module used in the following designs is no longer in production

These public domain imp002-oriented designs are provided ‘as is’, with no warranty expressed or implied. Each design generally consists of a schematic, Altium and Gerber files for PCB fabrication, and a Bill of Materials (BoM).

  • Amber — Minimal life support for the imp002 module
  • BCM20736S — An imp-to-Bluetooth LE gateway using the WICED Smart SDK and BCM20736S SIP from Broadcom
  • BLE112 — An imp-to-Bluetooth LE gateway using the BLE112 from Bluegiga
  • Factory BlinkUp™ Fixture — A device used to configure production devices
  • Janice — Eight-channel Triac sprinkler controller, with battery backed scheduling and rain sensor input
  • Lala — Battery powered audio IO board with on-board flash storage
  • MAX3421E — USB host using Maxim MAX3421E USB Host SOC
  • Nora — Battery powered sensor node
  • Sana — IR transceiver with thermostat and 433MHz transmitter
  • Sophie — Power supply and opto base board for the Bud Industries PPB-11861 enclosure
  • Tasha — Driver board for ST7735 TFT display with on-board flash storage
  • Vanessa — Li-ion battery powered driver for Pervasive Displays’ e-paper panel