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imp003 FCC-certified Antenna Test Results

FCC Modular Certification For imp003 Pre-designed PIFA Antenna And Chip Antenna

The imp003 (Murata Module LBWA1ZV1CD) has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC) modular certification for use with either an Electric Imp PIFA antenna or an Electric Imp-selected chip antenna.

This simplifies the process of implementing either of these antenna options in any imp003-based hardware design by minimizing the level of testing required to achieve full FCC/IC certification for the complete product.

The imp003 does not incorporate a 2.4GHz antenna. Consequently, customers must implement either of the above antenna options, or an antenna design of their own, in their imp003-based product. If this product is to be distributed in the United States, the customer must gain FCC/IC approval for their product design.

  • A copy of the FCC/IC-approved imp003 test report is available here (PDF).

  • A copy of the IC Technical Acceptance Certificate for the imp003 is available here (PDF).

  • The full FCC certification materials can be be downloaded from the FCC website, here.

  • For more information on developing connected products based on the imp003, please see our imp003 design guide.