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The impFactory™ is Electric Imp’s recommended BlinkUp™ fixture. This off-the-shelf appliance allows your assembly line to prepare Devices Under Test (DUTs) to load and run their factory firmware. It does this by sending a factory enrollment token and, if required, factory WiFi credentials to each DUT’s on-board imp. This data is transmitted optically via an LED connected to the impFactory.


The impFactory is a great option for all imp-enabled products going to manufacturing because it can be purchased directly and includes many useful features:

  • Large, durable front-panel button for triggering factory BlinkUp.
  • BlinkUp emitter status indicator on the front panel.
  • LCD and keypad to provide options for more complex tests and/or operator interaction.
  • Red and green LEDs on the front panel can be used to display test Pass/Fail information or other vital stats.
  • Foot-switch port allows an external switch to be used as a BlinkUp trigger.
  • LED port to drive assembly line factory BlinkUp emitter
  • Ethernet port for wired networking — WiFi also supported.
  • Photosensor for BlinkUp.
  • BlinkUp status LED.

The new impFactory 2 adds these features:

  • Two external USB-A ports allow the impFactory to drive other assembly line equipment, such as a label printer.
  • Two internal USB headers for further expansion.


To set up an impFactory, use the Electric Imp mobile app to add the fixture to your Electric Imp account. Within impCentral™, Electric Imp’s online development and production management tool, you assign the impFactory to a Test Fixture Device Group or to a Fixture Device Group. Whichever of these groups you assign the impFactory to, you will deploy your fixture firmware to the same group.

Hardware Design Files (Rev 2.0)