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The Electric Imp imp005-EZ is a solder-down card designed for easy addition to low-volume products and evaluation boards such as the imp005-EZ Eval Kit. The 25 x 40mm card makes all of the imp005 module’s dedicated peripheral bus pins and the majority of its GPIO pins readily accessible via 1.27mm pitch pads at the card edges. It also includes a dual-band 802.11n WiFi antenna, 64Mbit serial Flash preloaded with the impOS™, and 32kHz crystal.

Hardware Details


The imp005-EZ contains BlinkUp phototransistor driver circuitry, but not the phototransistor itself or the tri-color/bi-color LEDs used to receive BlinkUp data and signal BlinkUp status. These recommended additional components should be added to the board on which the imp005-EZ will be mounted. However, they are only necessary if the board will be configured and enrolled into the Electric Imp impCloud™ by end-users (via a mobile or web BlinkUp app). Boards that are expected to be pre-configured and pre-enrolled within the factory may not need these additional components.

Programming Resources

Hardware Design Files (Rev 5.0)