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impCentral Collaborator Account Access

Electric Imp’s impCentral™ provides developers and customers with the opportunity to allow colleagues and development partners to collaborate with them on their connected products at any time during those products’ lifecycles.

The following table indicates the actions available to each of the roles to which a collaborator may be assigned, whether by the account’s owner or by a collaborator with suitable permissions, such as an Administrator. The table also includes the actions that are available to the account’s owner.

Action Owner Administrator Developer Operations
Manage Collaborators and Roles
View Products
Create/Manage Products
View/Create/Manage DevelopmentDevice Groups
View/Edit Development Code
Promote Development Code
View Promoted Deployment
View Production Device Groups
Create/Manage Production Device Groups
View/Manage Factory Device Groups
View/Manage Devices Development Devices Production Devices Production Devices
View/Create/Manage Deployment Development Devices Production Devices Production Devices
View Device Log and Details Development Devices Production Devices Production Devices
Create/Manage Test Blessed Device
Unbless Production Device
Manage Account Settings
Auto-Share Factory BlinkUp Fixtures*

The following table indicates the areas within impCentral to which developers and customers have access as account owner. Note that a developer will not have access to, for example, Production Zone features on their own account, but may have access to another account’s Production Zone if they are a collaborator on that account and have been granted sufficient privileges.

impCentral Zone Feature Developer Customer
Development Zone Development Device Group
Factory Test Device Group
Test Bless Device List
Production Zone Production Device Management
Production Device Troubleshooting
Factory Device Group