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imp002 Factory BlinkUp Fixture

A standard imp-based device to be used to configure production devices

The imp002 is no longer available

A factory BlinkUp™ fixture is required to instruct production devices on your assembly line to run your factory firmware. It does this by sending the factory WiFi credentials and a factory enrollment token via BlinkUp transmitted optically via an LED.


This reference design can be used ‘as is’ or as the basis for a design of your own. The project files you need for either approach are listed at the end of this document.

Note This design is based on the imp002 module, which is now no longer in production. We will be issuing an updated factory BlinkUp fixture reference design shortly. In the meantime, please see ‘Transitioning your product from the imp002’ to view options for modifying your fixture design for the imp003 module, which is now in mass production.


1. Configure your BlinkUp Fixture

To begin developing your factory firmware, you’ll need to configure your BlinkUp fixture as a developer device.

  • Connect the fixture’s barrel power jack to a 5V/500mA or greater power supply.
  • Log into your Electric Imp account in the Electric Imp mobile app.
  • Enter the WiFi credentials for your factory or location.
  • Press ‘Send BlinkUp’.
  • Cover the BlinkUp sensor (marked ‘D1’ under ‘Fixture BlinkUp In’) completely with your phone or tablet’s screen, and wait for BlinkUp to complete.
  • In the Electric Imp IDE, find your newly-configured device.
  • Assign existing factory firmware or create new factory firmware for your fixture to run.

2. Develop Your Factory Firmware

For a detailed description of the role of factory firmware, and detailed example code, refer to ‘Writing, Testing and Using Factory Firmware’.

  • The BlinkUp LED is on pin 9
  • The button to trigger BlinkUp is on pin 8

3. Deploy Your Factory Firmware

See ‘Assign and Deploy Factory Firmware’ in the IDE User Guide.

4. Assign Your Factory Fixture as a Factory Imp

See ‘Add Factory Imps’ in the IDE User Guide. You will need to know the MAC Address of your factory fixture; this is printed on the fixture’s imp002 module.

5. Send Factory BlinkUp on the Assembly Line

Most users will configure their factory fixtures to perform a factory BlinkUp when the button is pressed (see example firmware in ‘Writing, Testing and Using Factory Firmware’). As devices arrive at the BlinkUp station on your assembly line, align the fixture’s LED with the BlinkUp sensor on your newly manufactured production device, power on the target device, and trigger factory BlinkUp.

Hardware Design Files