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Devices Compatible with BlinkUp


BlinkUp is now supported only on Android 4.4.1 ‘KitKat’ and up.

We test BlinkUp on a wide range of devices, but we cannot test every device that is currently available or has been available in the past, and do so across the many versions of Android that have been released and will be released. We cannot guarantee that a future vendor software or device update will be compatible.

BlinkUp has been continuously improved over time. If you are unable to get BlinkUp to work with your Android device this is typically because the imp is running an older version of impOS™. If you can borrow an iOS device to configure the imp, when it connects it will update its OS automatically and improve Android BlinkUp compatibility. This particularly applies to imps running impOS 27 (November 2013) or earlier, ie. imp001 cards; imp modules are not affected.


BlinkUp is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 8.0 and up. This includes the following:

Other Platforms

No other mobile or personal computer platforms are supported natively at this time. However, we do provide a JavaScript version of BlinkUp which can be delivered via a web browser on these devices. This is currently in beta release.

For detailed guidance on solving BlinkUp-related issues, please see Troubleshooting BlinkUp.