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Amber Development Board

The imp002 is no longer in available

Amber is a very simple board with the minimum components required for an imp002-based device.


Power can be supplied using a USB Mini-B cable from a USB Charger or a standard USB Port, though the data lines are not connected to anything. Optionally, a battery can be soldered to the VIN and GND pads, though in this case USB should not be plugged in as it will short the battery to VBUS. Amber can operate from any DC voltage from 3.3V to 17V.

Amber can be populated either with a TI TPS62172 DC/DC buck power supply or an AP2114 LDO power supply.


All of the signals from the imp002 come out to a header. For descriptions of pin of function see the imp002 pin mux.


The imp002 requires an external phototransistor and a RED/GREEN bi-color LED. Amber has footprint options either a surface-mount, common-anode or a through-hole, common-cathode status LED.

Hardware Design Files