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impOS Release 45 (Internal Release)

impOS™ 45 has been solely made available internally and to select testing partners. It targets the imp006 only and focuses on features that will be only available with the imp006, specifically support for a number of additional cellular modems — impOS 44 supports the Quectel BG96 only. impOS 45 will not be made available to other imps, which will continue to track impOS 42.x for the time being.

Electric Imp versions impOS™ releases as follows: odd-numbered major versions are pre-releases and even-numbered major versions are production-quality releases.


The current release is 45.4.


  • Bug fixes

    • Improve GNSS support on EG21-G: increase the timeouts.
  • Features

    • Obtain full modem firmware version information. See Known Issues for details.


  • Features
    • Improve power-on/off sequences, especially for mini-PCIe modems.
    • Improve ergonomics of GNSS support on the BG95-M3 (for which GNSS only works when the modem is offline).
    • Incorporate USB bus reset into recovery procedure when the modem stops responding.


  • Features
    • Add SIM support for more network operators.


  • Features
    • Add proxy support for Nutrien SIMs.


  • Features
    • Make Quectel cell-modem support generic to pave the way for the addtion of other modules.

Note This release branches from impOS 44.4, so please see the 44 release notes for earlier changes.

Known Issues

  • Some versions of the Quectel BG95 modem’s firmware are problematic. Versions before do not handle USB reset correctly and should not be used. Version has been seen to crash when using GNSS and should not be used in solutions where GNSS functionality is required. Quectel modems other than BG95 are not affected by either issue.
  • will reject any Network Interface Configuration (NIC) containing proxy, static network and/or WiFi configurations when it addresses an interface which is already in use — even if the new NIC exactly matches the one that is already in use. Until this issue is addressed, please include NICs with only an interface key when re-calling
  • Squirrel strings containing NULs (bytes equal to zero) do not compare correctly in relative comparisons (<= etc.) even though they do in equality comparisons (== and !=). This has been the case in all impOS releases made thus far.