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impOS Release 43 (Internal Release)

impOS™ 43 has been solely made available internally and to select partners. It targets the imp006 only and focuses on features that are only available to the imp006, such as GNSS. Consequently, it will not be made available to other imps, which will continue to track impOS 42.x for the time being.


The current release is 43.1.


  • No user-facing changes.


  • Features:
    • GNSS (location services) support. Requires a BG96 cellular modem. A device-side Squirrel library wrapping this API will shortly be made available. For best performance, up-to-date “assist data” (ephemerides) should be used. Obtaining this data from the Internet is best done using a small amount of agent code.
    • Please see How to use GNSS with the imp006 for more details.

Note This release branches from impOS 42.3, so please see the 42 release notes for earlier changes.

Known Issues

  • will reject any Network Interface Configuration (NIC) containing proxy, static network and/or WiFi configurations when it addresses an interface which is already in use — even if the new NIC exactly matches the one that is already in use. Until this issue is addressed, please include NICs with only an interface key when re-calling
  • Reconfiguring the pulse counter with a different duration causes pulses to be mis-counted.
  • Squirrel strings containing NULs (bytes equal to zero) do not compare correctly in relative comparisons (<= etc.) even though they do in equality comparisons (== and !=). This has been the case in all impOS releases made thus far.