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The imp002 is no longer available

Impee-BCM20736S is an imp002-to-Bluetooth LE gateway built with the BCM20736S SIP from Broadcom. The BCM20736S is programmed using Broadcom’s “WICED Smart” SDK. This gateway reference design allows the BCM20736S SIP to be reprogrammed remotely via the imp002. The imp module can also interact with and manage the application running on the BCM20736S by interacting with the BLE module via UART.

Writing Applications for the BCM20736S

Software is developed for the BLE module using the WICED Smart SDK. For more information on WICED Smart, please see Broadcom’s website.

After an application has been developed, the WICED Smart SDK can produce a binary file for updating the BCM20736S SIP over the air. This binary file can then be used to reprogram a BCM20736S from anywhere with an Internet connection via the imp. Because the BCM20736S binary is handled within the Electric Imp platform, this update method allows large groups of gateways to be managed remotely and securely.

The imp module acts as the controller for the gateway board. Updates are safe: there is no way to ‘brick’ the gateway by pushing buggy code to either the BCM20736S or the imp.

Programming the BCM20736S Over the Air

For example code and instructions on how to reprogram the BLE module over the air, see the bcm2073x class in the Electric Imp reference repo on GitHub.

Hardware Design Files