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Create Your Electric Imp Account

If you don’t yet have an Electric Imp impExplorer™ Developer Kit, you can buy one from the Electric Imp Store. You’ll also need some other equipment:

  • An iOS or Android phone (or tablet) to set up your development device.
  • A mini USB cable and a computer or USB AC adapter for power (included in the impExplorer Developer Kit).
  • Optionally, three AA batteries for power (not included).

Now work through the following steps to create your Electric Imp account.

1. Create a Free Electric Imp Account

The first step to getting your impExplorer Developer Kit online is to create an Electric Imp account. This is free and gives you access to Electric Imp’s impCentral, which you’ll explore in a later section of the Guide and then use to develop the software your development device will run.

You only need create an account once. You can add as many impExplorer Developer Kits and other development devices as you like to your account, and program and monitor all of them through impCentral.

Which impCloud?

Electric Imp provides two impClouds: one hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and one hosted on Microsoft Azure. You can create an account on either impCloud, but developments devices are bound to specific impClouds, so you need to ensure you either create an account on the impCloud your device is tied to, or buy development hardware that matches the impCloud that’s hosting your account. For example, if you create an account on the Azure impCloud, you will need to use development hardware marked as Azure compatible. An AWS account cannot ‘see’ devices bound to the Azure impCloud, and vice versa.

Every impExplorer Kit is bound to the AWS impCloud, so this Getting Started Guide assumes you will create your account on the AWS impCloud. If you wish to use the Azure impCloud, you will need to use other development hardware.

Sign Up

The AWS impCentral sign-in and registration screen

Create your account now: visit the AWS impCentral registration page and enter your email address into the Sign Up section. You’ll shortly receive a confirmation message asking you to verify your email address — click Confirm your email address:

The verification email you will receive after sign-up

When you’ve done so, you’ll be automatically returned to impCentral and asked to choose a new account username and password, and to enter some basic information about yourself. Your password must be 8-20 characters, as must your username — which must not be your email address. Click on the Set button to apply your choices:

The account completion screen

Note By creating an account, you agree to Electric Imp’s Terms of Service, which you can read here. Please also take a moment to view our Privacy Policy.

2. Fit the impExplorer Developer Kit’s imp

Fit the impExplorer Developer Kit’s imp001 card into the metal slot on the impExplorer board. Don’t power up the impExplorer Developer Kit yet. The imp is the impExplorer Developer Kit’s ‘brain’ — it provides the board with WiFi Internet connectivity and programmability. The imp001 is just one type of imp: there are many others, all designed to be mounted directly into connected products in mass-production. However, they all run the same operating system, impOS™ and so software written for one type of imp can run on any other with little or no modification.

Now go to the next section to activate your impExplorer Developer Kit and set it up for Internet access.