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Returns the target AMQP message’s properties




Table — the application-specific message properties



Agent AMQP functionality is currently only available to development devices. Any attempt to interact with imp API amqpmessage objects and methods on production devices will generate a runtime error.

This method returns the properties of the target message as a table. It is possible that a message can have no properties; in this case, returns an empty table ({}).

The returned table’s keys will always be strings and their values will be a Squirrel data type converted from an AMQP data type according to the mapping described in amqpmessage.body(). If there are values in the message properties table that can’t be converted (again, these types are listed under amqpmessage.body()) , the entire key-value pair will be omitted from the table.

Note This cannot be used to update a message; the returned values should be considered read only.