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Important Note Agent AMQP functionality is now deprecated and will shortly become unsupported. Any attempt to interact with imp API amqp objects and methods on unregistered development devices or on production devices will generate a runtime error.

If you are using or intend to use Azure IoTHub, we recommend you make use of MQTT instead of AMQP. Please see our Azure IoT Hub integration for more information.

An amqpdelivery object is used to retrieve a message and to settle its delivery with the AMQP broker. You don’t create amqpdelivery objects yourself. Instead, they are generated by an amqpsession object and passed to your code via the messageCallback function you provide to the method amqpsession.openreceiver().

Member Entities

The amqpdelivery object also has the following deprecated member methods, which should not be used in new code, but are documented here as an aid to understanding and migrating old code: