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Commercial Software Licensing For imp Modules

A Guide For Electric Imp Customers

Electric Imp provides a set of closely bound services and software together called the impCloud™. We also design hardware modules, called “imps”, which allow customers’ products to connect to these services. These imps are manufactured and sold by a growing number of partners, including Murata.

Each imp includes the impOS™ operating system software. This is provided by Electric Imp under license and subject to a commercial licensing fee. The purchase price of third-party modules, including the imp003, imp004m, imp005, impC001 and impC002, does not include the cost of an Electric Imp’s software license, which needs to be purchased from Electric Imp separately. How the license is purchased depends on which services plan you select.

Note Non-commercial use by developers incurs no license fee or service charges, whichever imp module they use.

Services Plans And Fees

Electric Imp currently offers two types of Public impCloud services plan: Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Term Plans, of which there are two types.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans involve buying and ‘spending’ impMonths. One impMonth covers the connection of a customer device to the Public impCloud at least once, at any time during a single calendar month.

impMonth consumption begins as soon as a device is configured by an end-user, which of necessity involves connecting to the Public impCloud. If a device doesn’t connect to the impCloud in a given calendar month, it doesn’t consume an impMonth, but whether it connects to the impCloud once and stays connected, once and immediately disconnects, or connects and disconnects hundreds of times in that period, it only consumes one impMonth.

How long purchased impMonths last will depend on the number of devices that are active within any given month. impMonths also have a shelf life of two years: unused impMonths auto-expire 24 months after purchase.

A PAYG customer will also also have to purchase an impOS license for every device activated by an end-user. This license is perpetual for that device and includes all future impOS updates.

PAYG customers must purchase a minimum of 1000 impOS licenses and 10,000 impMonths with each order. Volume discounts are available.


Terry is building a connected heaters based on the imp003 module. He manufactures 1500 units and therefore buys 1500 licenses. He also buys 15,000 impMonths. He sells 1100 units at launch, more than anticipated, so though he has sufficient licenses for all the devices he has made, the 1100 devices in use will consume his impMonths in just over 13 months (15,000 / 1100 = 13.6), assuming each device is activated by an end-user shortly after purchase. Terry therefore buys more impMonths. The 1100 devices will require 26,400 impMonths for two years’ operation, so Terry now buys 11,400 imp months to cover those devices for that period. Of course, he still has 400 devices yet to be sold, and these too will require impMonths if they are purchased and activated.

Term Plans

Term plans involve purchasing service coverage in advance for a fixed period of 24 months, 36 months or 60 months. Again, one Term Plan covers the service provision for one device, so you will need as many Term Plans as you have production devices in the field. The Term Plan fee includes the impOS software license fee.

The services term commences three months after the date on which the first device was ‘blessed’ on your assembly line, ie. billing for all plans in the term commences three months after the first device is blessed on the assembly line, and from that point on, you can bless up to the remainder of your devices during the plan period.

Term Plan customers must purchase a minimum of 1,000 Term Plans.


Terry is preparing to produce his second connected product, to be manufactured on a much larger scale than the first. So he selects 50,000 Term Plans for a period of two years. This covers up to 50,000 devices’ activation fees and monthly service fees for 24 months. The first device is blessed on September 1, so the clock on his two-year terms for the devices commences on December 1 (three months later) and Terry’s Term Plans will expire 24 months from December 1. Terry has 24 months from 1 September to bless the 49,999 other devices for which he has purchased plans. Billing actually takes place with respect to placing the purchase order for the Term Plans and associated payment terms.

Terry’s second product is a runaway success, and he realizes he needs to manufacturer more devices to sell. These will not be covered by the initial 50,000 Term Plans, so Terry buys 50,000 more to cover the second batch of 50,000 devices he now puts into production.


Pay As You Go requires three purchases: the device, the device’s impOS license and a volume of impMonths for impCloud access and service. Pay As You Go is most suitable for customers with low volumes of devices and/or devices which may connect to the Public impCloud infrequently.

Term Plans require two purchases: the device and a fixed-term impCloud access and service plan which incorporates the device’s impOS license. Term Plans are most suitable for customers with high volumes of devices which will connect to the Public impCloud frequently.

Private impClouds

A Private impCloud equips the customer with a unique instance of the Electric Imp Platform maintained on their behalf by Electric Imp. The Private impCloud is dedicated to the customer’s application(s). It is not shared with other customers, as is the case with the Public impCloud.

Please contact for more information about purchasing service plans, becoming a Private impCloud customer, or making imp module purchases.

Details effective as of June, 2016 and are subject to change