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Known Issues
Using imp-enabled Devices with UniFi AP-AC-Pro Access Points

UniFi AC-Pro AP access points may cause imp004m- and imp005m-based devices to disconnect if the access point’s ‘Enable connectivity monitor and wireless uplink’ option is set. In this case, we recommend you disable this feature in the access point’s settings under the ‘Services’ section:
Unifi access point control
Please note, however, that this may prevent any access points which connect solely via wireless from connecting to your network.

Using imp-enabled Devices in the UK with BT HomeHub Routers

BT’s HomeHub routers, available in the UK, include a feature called Smart Setup which uses a captive portal wizard to connect new devices for the first time. Captive portals are not supported by imp-enabled devices and therefore Smart Setup will prevent them from connecting to the Internet.

If an imp-enabled device is not connecting via a BT HomeHub 4, 5 or later disable Smart Setup. Typically, the imp will connect to the HomeHb’s WiFi network but not to Internet services, including the Electric Imp impCloud™.

Once a device has connected via the HomeHub, it will no longer be presented with the captive portal, so it is safe to re-enable Smart Setup if you wish. The imp will now connect whenever it needs to. You may need to temporarily disable Smart Setup again if you ever perform a factory reset on the HomeHub.