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Agents have a 30-day lifespan when their device is offline

When a device goes offline, its agent will stay online and accessible via its unique URL. However, if the device remains offline for an extended period of time — currently 30 days — the agent will be shut down automatically to conserve server resources. The agent is stopped; it is not deleted.

If a mobile application, web site or third-party server attempts to contact the agent after this point, they will receive the standard ‘resource missing’ HTTP status code, 404, indicating that the agent is offline.

Be aware, however, that a 404 status code is not a guarantee that an agent has been stopped. An agent can itself issue a 404 HTTP status code; it does so when it receives an HTTP request but has no HTTP request handler function registered using http.onrequest().

As and when a device comes back online, the disabled agent will automatically be restarted. Any data previously preserved using will still be accessible. The rebooted agent will continue to be contactable at the same URL as before.