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Debug devices, imps and agents

The Legacy IDE is now no longer available. It has been replaced by impCentral™

Information for a specific device, agent or imp can be generated by entering a device ID for a device, a MAC address for an imp, or an agent’s external ID, which is the unique string of characters that follows the initial in the agent’s URL.


Enter any of these identifiers in the search field and click on ‘Submit’. The search result is currently presented in the workspace in raw JSON format. The JSON results comprise key-value pairs:


All keys and values are strings unless stated otherwise.

Key Description
model_name The model the device has been assigned or blessed to
build_version The model’s current build number (integer) that the imp is running
updated_at When the device’s code was last updated
agent_code_length The size of the model’s agent code block in bytes (integer)
device_code_length The size of the model’s device code block in bytes (integer)
mac_address The MAC address of the device’s imp
swversion The version of the impOS™ loaded onto the device’s imp
is_factory_imp Boolean value indicating whether the imp is used by manufacturers to bless production devices (true) or a general imp (false)
last_connect The UTC timestamp when the imp last connected
agent_external_id The URL code of the device’s agent
device_id The device’s ID code
blessed Boolean value indicating whether the device has been blessed (true) or not (false). See ‘Blessing Overview’ for more on blessing production devices
plan_id The user identification code used to BlinkUp the device
powerstate The device’s current connectivity status: “online” or “offline”
rssi The WiFi signal strength as measured by the device in dB (integer) which is updated on server ping replies, which should be about every 10 mins the device is online
free_memory The number of unused bytes in the imp’s memory (integer) and is updated on server ping replies, which should be about every 10 mins the device is online

If you receive the message "error": "no data", double-check the MAC address, device ID or agent ID that you entered to perform the search. If you entered the value correctly, this error means that the device is no longer recorded in the database as being associated with your account.

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