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Account Collaborator Roles in Detail

The Legacy IDE is now no longer available. It has been replaced by impCentral™

The Electric Imp IDE provides Electric Imp developers and customers with the opportunity to allow colleagues and development partners to collaborate with them on their connected products at any time during those products’ lifecycles.

The following table indicates the actions available to each of the roles which a collaborator may be assigned, whether by the account’s owner or by a collaborator with suitable permissions, such as an Administrator.

Task Account
Admin. Developer Ops.
Invite Collaborator        
Manage Collaborator Roles        
Create Development Model      
Create Factory Firmware      
Delete Development Model        
Delete Factory Firmware        
View Development Model      
View Production Model    
View Factory Firmware      
Edit Development Model      
Edit Production Model    
Edit Factory Firmware      
Edit Production Model Settings      
Deploy Code to Development Device      
Assign Development Devices      
Restart Development Devices      
Auto-Share Factory BlinkUp Fixtures          
Promote Development Model Build      
Deploy Promoted Code to Production Devices      
Restart Production Devices      
Unbless Production Device      
View Unblessed Production Device      
Restart Factory BlinkUp Fixture      
Add Factory BlinkUp Fixture to Production Model      
Remove Factory BlinkUp Fixture from Production Model      
View Factory BlinkUp Fixtures in Production Model      
Restart Factory BlinkUp Fixture from Production Model      
View/Update Webhooks      
Manage Build API Keys          
Manage Account Settings          
Access IDE ‘Debug’ Tab    
Access Production/Factory Logging    

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