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Manage your Electric Imp Account

The Legacy IDE is now no longer available. It has been replaced by impCentral™

The IDE Menu Bar’s ‘account’ menu is presented with your username. It provides you with options to help you manage your Electric Imp account.

This menu is only available to account owners. No collaborators have access to this functionality, only for their own accounts.

Edit your Account Details

Clicking on your username presents a menu with three options: ‘Account Settings’, ‘Build API Keys’ and ‘Logout’. The ‘Account Settings’ panel allows you to update the email address associated with your account and to change your password.


If you choose to change any of this information, click on ‘Save Changes’ to confirm the change, or click on the circled white ‘X’ to close the panel without applying the changes.

Get a Build API Key

You or your colleagues require an API key to authenticate any calls you or they make to the Build API in order to access your account’s models and devices. Select ‘Build API Keys’ from the ‘account’ menu to generate new API keys and manage existing ones.

The ‘Build API Keys’ panel will appear. Click on ‘Add’ to prepare a new key. First provide the new key with a name. It must not match the name of any other key associated with your account. You may, for example, be creating a key to provide a trusted partner with temporary access to your devices and models; naming the new key will help you remove the correct key in order to revoke the partner’s access rights should that become necessary.


Click on the disk icon to save the new key.

You may have up to five Build API keys active at any one time. If you wish to add a sixth, you will need to delete an existing key — click on the trash can icon to the right of the unwanted key.

Note Users who had more than five Build API keys when the five-key limit was introduced (IDE version 1.40) will continue to be able to view and use all their keys, but create no further new keys until the total number of active keys falls below five.

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