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imp006 Breakout Kit Cellular Billing

The imp006 Breakout Kit comes with a Twilio Super SIM that’s ready for immediate use. The SIM includes a minimal amount of data which should be sufficient to get your Kit connected to the Internet via cellular and to allow it to exchange a small number of messages with the impCloud™ and online services.

To ensure that your imp006 Breakout Kit will continue to connect to the Internet via cellular, we strongly recommend that you add a payment card to your Electric Imp account.

There is no contract — you can cancel at any time. You will pay a minimum of $3 monthly per active SIM. Data pricing depends on where your SIM connects: you can find a full list of partner networks and their Super SIM data rates at the Super SIM pricing page. Payment will be taken from your card automatically each month.

How To Enable Cellular Payment

You can enable ongoing payment by signing into impCentral™ on your computer and providing payment card details:
Set up account billing in impCentral

  • Log into impCentral.
  • Click on My Account in the topmost toolbar.
  • Select Profile from the menu.
  • Click Account Billing in the left-hand side panel.
  • Click Link your card.
  • Enter and double-check your name and your card details.
  • Check the I Agree to Terms of Service box.
  • Click Link Payment Method.

Three dollars will be charged to your card immediately, and then every 30 days.

impCentral’s Account Billing page will show you how much credit you have left at any given moment and how much data you have used, so you can easily manage your development cellular costs.

Alternatives To Cellular

If you don’t wish to pay for cellular connectivity, your imp006 Breakout Kit can still connect to the Internet via WiFi. You will need to re-configure your Kit, using BlinkUp™, to provide it with the credentials it will need to connect to your local WiFi network.

To configure the imp006 Breakout Kit for WiFi access, use the Electric Imp mobile app:

  • Sign into the app.
  • Tap WiFi on the SETUP page.

The app will now walk you through the setup process — tap NEXT to move to from one step to the next. You will enter your local network’s WiFi credentials, power up your imp006 Breakout Board and send the credentials to the Board.