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Electric Imp Platform UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification

The Electric Imp Platform is UL® 2900-2-2 certified. It is the first IoT platform to achieve this comprehensive and independently conducted cybersecurity certification.

Electric Imp has been certified annually since February 2017.

The UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification covers all industries but also includes specific testing on aspects unique to industrial controls. It applies to the imp003, imp004m, imp005 (running impOS™ 42.8) and imp006 (running impOS 44.1) modules. It is part of the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP).

You can download the latest certificate here.

This is an ongoing certification: the Electric Imp Platform’s security provision will not only be maintained continuously, but also it will be re-certified annually. The certificate link above will be updated as when new certificates are issued.

What This Means For Customers

Electric Imp customers will be able take advantage of the Electric Imp Platform’s UL 2900-2-2 certification through UL’s Certified Cybersecurity software implementation solution. This service makes it possible for customers to leverage Electric Imp’s UL 2900-2-2 certification as the basis for the certification of their own Electric Imp-enabled products. This considerably reduces the cost of certification. The savings a customer can make will depend on each customer’s product, in particular how much custom software code the product contains.

For more information, contact UL here.

Important Note

The UL 2900-2-2 certification of the Electric Imp Platform does not grant implicit or partial certification of any existing or future product based on the Platform. Electric Imp customers must not claim on this basis that their own products have also been UL 2900-2-2 certified. In order to claim UL 2900-2-2 certification, Platform-based products must undertake a formal UL certification process.